1982 Born in Kyoto, Japan. Lives and works in Kyoto.
2007 Completed the Master Course for Sculpture in Fine Art Division at Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan

Solo exhibitions

Site & Art 01 Ryosuke Imamura「Will the Snow Pile Up or Melt?」 (Art Lab Aichi / Aichi, Japan)
Between Gardenia and Jasmine (Botão Gallery / Aichi, Japan)
At the Place That Is Not There (eN arts / Kyoto, Japan)
Between Gardenia and Jasmine (ARTSPACE NIJI / Kyoto, Japan)
Falling Things (ARTSPACE NIJI / Kyoto, Japan)
Like a Prepared Piano (salon cojica, nedoko / Hokkaido, Japan)
A Winter Day (MA2 Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
Lessons in February (HAPS / Kyoto, Japan)
Soda, Clock, Outside of a Window (ARTSPACE NIJI / Kyoto, Japan)
A Rainy Day (salon cojica / Hokkaido, Japan)
Looking Over the Day (SHISEIDO GALLERY / Tokyo, Japan)
See/Gaze (studio 90 / Kyoto, Japan)
Beyond…, and so on (GALLERY IND. / Osaka, Japan)
White and Noise (GALLERY 301/ Hyogo, Japan)
Knocking (site / Tokyo, Japan)
Hotori wo meguru (PANTALOON / Osaka, Japan)

Group exhibitions

CELEBRATION -Japanese-Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition- (Kyoto Art Center / Kyoto, Japan)
CELEBRATION-Japanese-Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition- in Poznan (University of Arts in Poznan, Stary Browar, etc. / Poznan, Poland)
CELEBRATION -Japanese-Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition- in Szczecin (Trafostacja / Szczecin, Poland)
Exploring – What We Have in Common Lead Us into Discovering Artistic Gemstones (Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Center / Osaka, Japan)

Visions of Exchange Mercedes-Benz Art Scope Award 2009–2017“ (Daimler Contemporary Berlin / Berlin, Germany)
Tatsuno Art Project (Manggha Museum / Krakow, Poland)
Duo Exhibition – Ryosuke Imamura, Arman Galstyan (Arman Galstyan Gallery / Warsaw, Poland)
Open Theater 2016 (Kanagawa Arts Theater / Yokohama, Japan)
ART1 2016: Stepping into Fresh Snow (ARTCOURT Gallery / Osaka, Japan)
Planetary Garden (MA2 Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
Optical Path (Sai Gallery / Osaka, Japan)
SUUJIN MAINTENANCE CLUB (Former Suujin Elementary School / Kyoto, Japan)
Art Scope 2012-2014 – Remains of Their Journeys (Hara Museum of Contemporary Art / Tokyo, Japan )
Tatsuno Art Project 2013 (Hyogo, Japan)
Rokko Meets Art 2013 (Hyogo, Japan)
Seed (Gallery Nomart / Osaka, Japan)
Moon Salto (Studio+Plus / Berlin, Gamany)
HOME PARTY (Mizunoki Musium / Kyoto, Japan)
Tatsuno Art Project 2012 (Hyogo, Japan)
utsusemi (Jokaiso / Aichi, Japan)
Rokko Meets Art 2012 (Hyogo, Japan)
MONTBLANC Young Artist Patronage in Japan 2012 (Montblanc Ginza Bldg / Tokyo, Japan)
Everyday’s Adventure (500M museum / Hokkaido, Japan)
Wood Land Gallery 2012 (Minokamo Culture Forest / Gifu, Japan)
Rain and Quantize (Anntena Media / Kyoto, Japan)
YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE 2011″OUR MAGIC HOUR” (Yokohama Museum of Art / Yokohama, Japan)
things on strings (Tomio Koyama gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
TAMA VIVANT Ⅱ (Tama Art University / Tokyo, Japan)
Kyo-Sey (Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @kcua / Kyoto, Japan)
Kyoto Open Studio 2010 (Untoko studio / Kyoto, Japan)
Kyoto Open Studio four studios (dari / Kyoto, Japan)
FIX (the former Rissei elementary school / Kyoto, Japan)
It’s a small world (neutron Kyoto / Kyoto, Japan)
gadget (Kyoto Art Center / Kyoto, Japan)


2011 The Fifth Shiseido Art Egg Prize (Japan)


2016-2017 Fellowship under the Pola Art Foundation Overseas Study Program(Japan)
2011 Voyager + AIT Scholarship Program (Japan)

Artis in Residence
2015 Camden Arts Centre (London, UK)
2013 Artscope (Berlin, Germany)